[Release]  Keeping the 2013 pressure up and following on from Mr Darko’s Love & Leave Them EP we bring a fine talent in the shape of Upstroke. Already signed to the massive MEXA imprint this Russian is seriously making waves with his west coast/G house thang. Ghetto is a word associated with sleaze which suits this homeboys raw style of house music. Huge 808 beats merged with disgusting bass lines and cheeky G House business throughout. Upstroke delivers a seriously cool package here with CASH and remixes to boot. Stepping up the game is SION, the young MTA/Kumasi maestro who whips up a stormin’ remix already featured on the massive heat of Miami Sleaze. SION delivers a seriously smashing remix, twisting the vocals and delivering an uber cool floor destroying mix in CASH, watch those bass bins I’m telling ya. with this Upstroke also brings class remixes from the likes of Lucas Arr, Bialtone & Sandy Shores. Another killer package bringing another side to the label, a label we think you’ve all come to love. This is Sleazessentials at their finest!!! Masssssssive, killing it floor wax for the masses.


Artist:  Upstroke
Title:  Cash
Label:  Sleazy Deep
Catalog No.:  SLEAZY020

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