I was first introduced to the merry music of Tortured Soul while researching acts on the 2011 Movement Detroit lineup. Their inclusion on that bill should tell you something of their talent and credibility. The Brooklyn-based trio of musicians create live house music that is infectiously fun and melodically moving. Their latest EP, I Know What’s On Your Mind, is a collaborative effort with Johannesburg house DJ/Producer Black Coffee. It is out now on their own label, TSTC Records. It includes the title track, plus three remixes, all from members of the group.

The original production has all the celebratory components of the signature Tortured Soul sound. John-Christian Urich stirringly sings on top of a bouncy bassline and funky keys. First up on the remix tip, keyboardist Ethan White gives the tune a deeper, analog-laden, slowed-down interpretation. Next up, Urich’s Tropical Island Sex Mix brings a taste of the Caribbean with a reggae-inspired bassline, calypso organs, and latin-infused percussion. Finally, Urich’s Determination Mix maintains many of those same elements, while bringing breakbeat drums and an analog bassline.

Tortured Soul and Black Coffee bring a high level of energy and elation on this EP. Producing four slants of the same song shows an incredible amount of versatility, all while immaculately merging live elements of soul and funk with dancefloor filling, house-heavy beats.




Artist: Tortured Soul
Title: I Know What’s On Your Mind
Label: TSTC Records
Catalog No.: DS012