This year will be my first year at Burning Man. I suppose it’s been a long time coming. About 7 years actually. I’ve had the opportunity to go for so long, I’ve run out of excuses! I suppose what’s kept me from committing was just that, committing. It’s always seemed like just too much to pile onto my already full plate. But this year, with the aid of my girlfriend’s threats to go without me, I signed on. I committed. The most interesting thing to me though, is that once I committed, I was suddenly being invited to participate in these grandiose artistic sounds camps, one of which is called, The Kazbah.

The Kazbah is a large-scale sound camp, appearing for the first time at Burning Man 2013. Since we were both freshmen to the experience, I was excited to help promote the camp, especially when I came to find that many of my friends were involved in the project. One of the intimidating factors of Burning Man is how established and well prepared it seems all the participants (and organizers) are. I feel so unprepared, but I suppose that’s the natural way to feel. Involving myself with something else brand new to Burning Man of this size has really helped me feel more comfortable with the whole experience.

Kazbah will be located located at 10:00 & GDP and will power up everyday during sunset, commanded by world class producers and DJs. They encourage you to tap into the relentless frequencies delivered through The Kazbah at their daily sunset parties.

The centerpiece of the camp is the 32′ tall Kazbah Pyramid. 8×8′ at the base and built out of aluminum and monolithic polycarbonate sits atop a 5′ stage that will house over a dozen 18″ subs central to two 17′ speaker stacks on either side. This remarkable, monumental structure is a DJ booth. DJs will interact with the crowd through a 3×6′ Eye of Horus (or 3rd Eye). The Kazbah will throw a daily sunset party from Monday-Sunday starting in the early-midafternoon and ending in the evening. The Kazbah Pyramid is going to be an incredible collaborative effort.

The Kazbah organizers say,

This structure is a modern hybrid of a pyramid and an obelisk. This petrified ray of Sun Energy will tap into divine frequencies, harnessing power and radiating it to all those around with love, light, and sound, as well as an infinitely prismatic array of sublime frequencies that have yet to be named. The Kazbah is the “tower that protects the kingdom.”

A few days ago, I was invited to DJ at this sound camp and I guess you could say I am pretty excited to tap into the Kazbah’s celestial “frequencies” So, in order to help make this sound camp Burning Man contribution this year, The Kazbah is asking for donations of any size. All you’ve got to do is click HERE or check out the link below. The Kazbah has also spent the time to create a little promotional video to give you some background on the sound camp and hopefully attract you to one or many of the sunset sessions this year at Burning Man.
See you all at the Burn!


-Slow aka Jon Dadon