We adore the techno-kittens at Suara, and this week they give us a tangy dose of seasonal euphoria from Dutch Taras Van De Voorde whose innovative sound has previously caught the attention of labels like Noir and Moodmusic.

A rich, melodically induced flavor captures Voorde’s original “Chasing Winters,” motivated by energetic keys and percussion determined to heat up the dancefloor, while Pitto sedates the track in his interpretation, holding on to traces of daytime island vibes. Fitting the recent tone, “Chasing Autumns” takes a bouncy, classic approach-a silky little number that’s ready to party.

Take these delights out for a spin and PURCHASE right HERE right MEOW!  ^__^

Artist: Taras Van De Voorde, Pitto
Title: Chasing Seasons
Label: Suara
Release Date: September 30th, 2013
Catalogue #: SUARA106