Electronique are back with another heavy hitting EP featuring one of the most consistent and standout producers in recent years, fused with fresh up coming talent from Denmark together Tapesh & KANT bring us their exclusive debut collaboration, Talking Dirty EP. Lead track Talking Dirty is a full on! deep groover with a combination of powerful synths and rising strings accompanied with a deep low slung bass for the perfect summer groove backed with a tougher more stripped back remix from Berlin based duo Mat.Joe. Next up is Ey Yo with it’s cheeky sample repeated throughout the track, profound chord fusion coupled with an epic synth line and deep rhythm’s. KANT rounds off the EP with Always taking a much more a laid back approach with soulful and warm sounds showing a completely different side to the duo’s musical abilities. Guaranteed to be rocking the summer dance floors there’s something for everyone across these 3 infectious cuts.


Artist:  Tapesh & KANT
Title:  Talking Dirty EP
Label:  Electronique Digital
Catalog No.:  ED036