Supernature unleashes Tamer Malki‘s soulful mystery with the emotional four-track EP, Lifted. Tamer has been picking up well deserved international attention with his recent release, Change Your Mind, on Kindish (Get Physicals sister label). His sound is instinctive and current; it evokes a level of emotion that is both uplifting and grounding. You can hear his desert ancestry in-between the bass and claps, feeling its warmth in resonant melody.The word DEEP comes to mind when pounding this EP, but thats an understatement. Perhaps there are no words to communicate the primitive sounds the soul makes, luckily there is music for that, and Tamer Malki is speaking the enigmatic language of the heart in both Lifted and Steel Breeze.

AlexKid and Fabio Giannelli, serve up remixed variations that add a whole new dimension to an already seamless production.Lifted sweeps you off your feet, and dissolves the ground below, evoking images of an astral dream; your body effortlessly carried over villages and cities, over sand dunes and mountains, beckoned by far away drums and mysterious vocals by Alex Nazar. Tribal percussion, sonorous bass and well-paced snares only start the journey through an orchestra of discord and harmony which is the human experience. All a bit heady but deeply moving and incredibly danceable.

Fabio Giannelli, with 13 years of dance music experience and some summer hits also coming out of Get Physical and Steve Lawlers, Viva Warriors, brings to the Lifted remix a more techy sound and a quicker delivery of hefty bass, not forgoing the airy galactic elements of the original track. Fabio amplifies the discord bringing listeners to a level of restful unease which is perfectly timed and then placated by the tracks deep and alluring vocals. Steel Breeze, is possibly on the lighter side, with deep native bass sounds which meet the modern world in sonic alchemy. Kicking off with a deep melody and traveling bass, this tracks got undeniable rhythm and a sound that carries. Wafting guitar riffs laid over rain sticks and Tamers signature spaced sounds bring captivating notions of warm Balearic sunsets or even a midnight jungle rendezvous. Always blending dark with the light, the deep groovy bass could also easily take you through sunrise and into oblivion.

AlexKid, is renowned for his remixes from Nina Kraviz to Damian Lazarus. His collaborations with M.A.N.D.Y and home base at Watergate club in Berlin have made him an integral part of the Berlin music scene and he brings all that force to his Steel Breeze Tooldub Remix.Deep, resonant, sexy, mysterious, its hard to stop pushing play.


Artist:  Tamer Malki
Title:  Lifted EP
Label:  Supernature
Catalog No.:  SPN030

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