Trick Track Records comes out with a more delicate EP but with a unique style as we are used to but still in the lines of what the label is pushing forward. The EP is a courtesy of new artist Superstring, a Romanian producer which pushes the limits to a certain extent and delivers 2 dance floor oriented tracks while testing the limits of its sound. The first original ‘Losing My Religion’ is the track that takes the shape of the EP as well while the second track ‘Like You’ maintains the flow of the EP but keeping it steady at the same time. Addo‘s remix of ‘Like You’ introduces new elements, giving the track a bit more edge and groove while completing a pattern of musical colors during the entire listen. Mobius Strum remix is on the same lines as the original but introduces a quite psychedelic feel to it as the strings maintain a questionable atmosphere to the song and maintain the entire track in the bubble that it was meant to be in.


Artist:  Superstring
Title:  Losing My Religion
Label:  Trick Track Records
Catalog No.:  TRCK08

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