For the fourth release on their self-titled label, Soul Clap presents Dancing On the Charles, a lighthearted musical journey through the city they love.
The Boston duo deepens “Mayhem” with their dreamy throwback remix, floating vocal synths over an atmospheric undercurrent for a bright, latin feel.

Chas Bronz delivers a passionate disco track in “Love Only You,” as the playfully beautiful chords take you anywhere from lounging to grooving.

Closing out this sampler, Victor Flores maintains and open full melody on John Barera’s delicate production that keeps you lifted with snazzy blends and whispering high hats.

Truly a wonderful arrangement from the funky duo, just in time for May flowers and their upcoming weekend in Southern California with Lovelife.


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Artist: Soul Clap
Label: Soul Clap
Catalog No.: SCR05


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