“Our main goal with this EP and with any other music we make is, first of all both of us need to be happy with the end result.” Sonogama makes their debut on Kindisch with ‘The Chant’, a deep 2 track EP with analogue warmth. ‘The Chant’ is a deep track relying on a deep rhythmic bass and a crispy percussion to guide the track into the night. Vocal cuts put a human touch on the electronic wonder, while the bass line rolls on. ‘Try This’ is a dub tech track with a steady heat behind it. The pads and the chords blend together to form a great ambiance perfectly suited for late night underground gatherings. Together the tracks make a solid argument for Sonogama, and we’re excited to see them on Kindisch.


Artist:  Sonogama
Title:  The Chant EP
Label:  Kindisch
Catalog No.:  KD067

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