Siyuder is the new project created by three artists: Jose Maria Ramon , William Medagli and Thallulah. William and Thallulah, both producers from Italy, come in contact with Jose Maria Ramon, well known for his radio shows on Ibiza Global Radio, and they immediately connect through their love for music. Discovering they have the same taste in sounds they decide to work together on both remixes and original tracks for major labels from the underground music industry.They have many projects to come as their musical horizons are expanding more and more.The experience and balearic influences of Jose Maria Ramon, William’s talent and Thallulah’s imagination is the perfect blend for the fine creations, highly recommended for the crazy moments of the night! What is it in music that we like? Is it rhythm? Melodies? The groove, or that part where you just can’t stop dancing to it? Or is it the feeling that you are totally in touch with the song; or that subtle unexpected surprise when the beat finally drops? For Jose Maria Ramon, William Medagli and Thallulah it’s all of that… and more! What initially started as a joke now becomes a serious project, named SIYUDER. Sttuning remix by Get physical Artist * Israel Vich ‘ Feat the Voice of Miss Katie Kboom Making a Masterpiece That will touch your soul.


Artist:  Siyder feat. Katie Kboom
Title:  Nostalgy EP
Label:  Cream Couture Records
Catalog No.:  CCR017