[Release]  Exotic Refreshment is a label that has been releasing some heavy tunes over the years while still keeping a low profile. With some great secret weapons in their catalog, their next release is no exception from rising star Saccao, who has been gaining a lot of notoriety lately. Won’t Be The Same is a wonderful EP with some great remixes from Pinto aka Edu, Mr. Leman, and Thomas Dieckmann.

The title track, ‘Won’t Be The Same,’ is one of those tracks you simply can’t get enough of. Silky smooth, with sensual vocals and a sublimely deep bass line, this jam is one to get you moving. Mr. Leman and Thomas Dieckman team up to create a wonderful remix with a wickedly enchanting melody accompanied by a stellar groove. Pinto also brings it with his uptempo atmospheric remix which beautifully wraps up this record.

A great record with some quality remixes, expect all these tracks to get lots of plays and to be seeing these names more often.


Artist:  Saccao
Title:  Won’t Be The Same EP
Label:  Exotic Refreshment
Catalog No.:  EXRD084

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