Russ Yallop has been steadily honing his craft since his first killer release on Crosstown Rebels in 2010 ‘I Can’t Wait.’  Back on home label turf, the London-based producer is about to unleash ‘The Journey feat. Aimee Sophia’ including a pair of storming remixes from man of the moment Huxley.  A warped vibe for the senses, ‘The Journey’ is a wave of filthy house, eerie chords, heavy sub bass, and those hauntingly falsetto vocals.  The overall effect is darkly addictive and B-side ‘How I Feel’ feat Belle retains the same bass heavy mood with more bounce in the bass line.  A breezier DIGI extra comes in the form of ‘Mistakes’ – the Russ Yallop & Taymor Zadeh remix.  A great EP from Crosstown, expect to hear many of these tracks being played on a dance floor near you.


Artist:  Russ Yallop
Title:  The Journey
Label:  Crosstown Rebels
Catalog No.:  CRM113

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