Road to Mana is an artist on the rise. He now gets a big leg up with a new EP on Global Underground after making waves on a range of other labels. He is based in Malaysia but comes from Spain so brings plenty of different influences to his music.


Up first is Walking Walls, which is a deep and bubbly house tune with slick drums. Its got a great sunset mood to it that really sucks you in. Aoraki Soul is then a little deeper and darker, with more driving drums but still a serenity in the synths that makes it perfect for those zoned out moments in the night. Remixing is Rafael Cerato who comes at things with a more melodic style, layering in rainy keys and more turbulent bass. The White Shadow remix is then heavier still, with percolating bass and chunky drums really getting you up on your toes. As such this is another fine release from all involved. 
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