Momo, Stanley Schmidt and Talski’s tasty cuts are digitized this week courtesy of Rivulet Records who recently widened their scope from a solely vinyl complex.  Operating between Leipzig and Berlin, Rivulet Records’ intentions are based in a tight knit, well-connected artistic community, promoting their talented friends and throwing parties with the likes of Genius Of Time, Dirty Doering and Sevensol.

Summer of 2012 marked the imprint’s debut release from Momo in One Of These Mornings, containing two tracks that are rich in quality and natural in progression.  A Side is lounge-esque and soulful with just enough kick for the dancefloor while B spins you in a dark frenzy with melodic mystique.


Stanley Schmidt kicked off 2013 for the label with their second release.  “Won’t You Listen To Me” beams with Chicago House feels, making its way through Kim Brown’s glittering progressive interpretation before Schmidt teams up with Claus Scholze for a sweet vocal number that will move you-body & soul.

Third up is Canyons and Talski’s precision and originality are crystal clear as you listen to this moody extended.  “Onjahan” and “September” are personal favorites as their simplistic, uplifting chords strike me with a beautiful authenticity that is hopeful and pleasant.

Set to bring in the New Year, Stanley Schmidt and Talski collaborate on two numbers for Rivulet’s brand new release. Starting off on a dreamy note, “Snoi’s” subtleties play like a lullaby while “A.brain” dips into grittier territories, determined to make you sweat.

Mix it up, give the full songs a listen and keep your eye on Rivulet Records cause their taste buds are on point <3

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Artist: Momo, Stanley Schmidt, Talski, Kim Brown
Label: Rivulet Records
Release Date: Various
Catalogue #: Various