At the forefront of Florence’s electronic music scene since 2010, Tropical Animals’ standout taste in club bookings has included Axel Boman, Denis Sultra, Jayda G, Daniele Baldelli, Luca Lazano, Interstellar Funk, Ross From Friends, Avalon Emerson, Chez Damier, Bradley Zero and that’s just a few. Their party has a distinct and clear identity with a wild attitude, so it was obvious it was going to turn into a label and that the soul of that label would have an wild and eclectic, multi coloured DNA.

Launched in 2018, calling on past guests and local talent, they’ve quickly cemented their position as a bastion of intriguing, textured dance music.
On their recent comp ‘Rave in The Cave’, party helmsman of the Florentine Club21 party, Ricardo Baez presented a relentless, rising web of refrains and synth melodies in ‘Loco por la techno’ featuring Lonely Dancer. The comp was an exquisite display of gritty, club-ready workouts. Essential cave-dwelling business that conquered heads and critics.

Ricardo Baez has previously released onToy Tonics, Rebirth, Gomma, Night People NYC and Music For Freaks.
The ‘Dream EP’ is comprised of three tracks that are sure to grip the dancefloor. There’s dark textures and synth weaves on the opener ‘Fantasy Island’ and a techno bowler for when it’s time to blow up your audience and turn up the speed with “луна”. (Moon. Pronounced -Lunar) The closing track ‘Dream’ has a more mellow beat and a hypnotic voice that gets hold of the dancer with their eyes closed drags them the middle of the dancefloor where Ricardo Baez is waiting for them.

This EP is a collection of hard-hitting galactic dancefloor offerings that retain a sense of real-world rawness.

Dream EP is out 3/20/20 on Tropical Animals



Artist: Ricardo Baez
Title: Dream EP
Label: Tropical Animals
Release Date: 2020-03-20




Turn it up & enjoy!