[Release] After a glorious debut on 2DIY4, Pool are back to release their second EP – again delivering two original tracks alongside two remixes, this time from Aeroplane and Stimming. The ‘Flex EP’ showcases the Hamburg-based indie-band’s lovable, multi- coloured and highly unique sound with effortless maturity.


A-side ‘Flex’ is a bomb for an eclectic dancefloor, a song of intensity and atmosphere where epic build-ups give way to emotive vocals and slick guitar- and bass-lines, while the evolving tempo and groove will move your body. The internationally renowned and adored producer Vito de Luca a.k.a. Aeroplane puts his own spin on ‘Flex’ with an incredibly smooth and sexy remix. 50 BPM slower than the original, Aeroplane honours the guitars and vocals, weaving the elements into his own spacious disco style.


Second original ‘Botox’ is a crazily tight and powerful groover, satisfying with its straight drums and wonderful vocal/guitar harmonies. The infectious drive and rhythms will keep you hooked. Diynamic staple Stimming delivers a supersonic remix of ‘Botox’, chopping up the bassline and guitars and building a deep mellow groove. Unleashing the hypnotic vocal hook along with plenty of low end, Stimming’s version has real, haunting dancefloor appeal.



Artist: Pool, Aeroplane, Stimming
Title: Flex
Label: 2DIY4
Release Date: February 18
Catalog: 2DIY4_07



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