Re:Axis & Kohra team up here for a stunning and haunting saunter through the realms of captivating house music. The latest duo to join the MEXA imprint, the boys certainly seem to have their finger on the pulse if the results of the Polar EP are anything to go by.

Draped in menace and pulsating hues from start to finish, the title track is first up, and it leads us on a merry dance thats brimming with smile-inducing delights and more than a fair dose of atmospheric bliss to boot. A true groover from the get-go, this is the sort of canny fare that will slay the dancefloor regardless of where its allowed to run riot. Vitor Munhoz turns the heat up to 11 on his remix of the latter, whereby the spiky synths and the tech-fuelled palette lend the track a new, glistening sheen. The second of Re:Axis & Kohras original is Sensation. This time around, the duo opt for a harder edged sound, with a chorus of white noise and some well placed cosmic tinges helping to give this one a sort of cosmic dimension. Culminating the EP is Lauro Viotti, who turns in a stunning remix of Sensation. More downtrodden than its bigger brother, it tugs on the emotions but ultimately lets just the right amount of light to filter in.

Another sure fire winner from the MEXA camp, Re:Axis & Kohra are most certainly worth keeping an eye on in 2014.


Artist: Re:Axis & Kohra
Title: Polar
Label: MEXA Records
Release Date: December 3
Catalog: MEXA021


– Minxxx // Michelle Samtoy