[New Release] Feel So Real is a brand new label out of Los Angeles, although they’ve been a few years in the making. Their first release comes from electronic-indie getup Rare Times in the form of this slow sex jam collection. The label is slated to put out dance and “pop fantasy” to satisfy the well-educated audio palette. Given knowing the musical tastes of the guys running the Feel So Real joint, this is one label to track over the next few years if you’re looking for anything from disco to techno.

On the Missionary EP, Rare Times frontman Anthony Calonico has a deep and hypnotizing voice that would be a lovely guide for any early morning cool down. The first two tracks on the EP, “No One’s Looking Out” and “Don’t Stray” are perfect easy listening, dance-inspired, R&B sexy, and have lovely depth. Coolwater supplies a deep and sweet remix of the opening track, “No One’s Looking Out.”  A disco-influenced melody, soft pads, and harmonious baseline drive the track’s psychedelic emotionality.


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