NYC artist Milo McBride drops a deep jackin tune on [par•ka] out March 14th.

Milo McBride releases his first otherworldly composition on [par•ka], a 4-track original EP titled “Antika,” along with Peter Fonda’s Acid Mix. Originating from New York City, Planet Earth, McBride’s curiosity has propelled him into an auditory universe yet to be discovered by those before him. Distorting the energy of his own vocals, charging up ionic basslines, and crossing both digital and analog waves, Milo McBride is Parka’s very own physicist of sound. Naturally however, the Big Bang in this circumstance refers to the unleashing of “Antika.” On Friday January 27, the release will be distributed worldwide on vinyl by Halcyon.

Stik (Original Mix) – bounces between historic Chicago house and the industrial, robotic precision of the future. Jacking beats push the record forward alongside a vocal layer that seductively demands obedience. Although brazen in attitude, Stik’s tight mechanical patterns keep its hot temper in-check.

Milo McBride – Stik (Original Mix) [par•ka]

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Artist: Milo McBride
Title: Antika EP
Label: [par•ka]
Release Date: 2017-03-14



– jams
Jimbo James