Veteran NYC producer and DFA regular Juan MacLean hops on the RNT wagon for a rolling EP of drum-machine driven grooves for the Reserve sub-imprint. The record starts with the peak-time stomper Fine Time, building exquisite tension and release through looped and filtered samples, and then moves on to the boogie-infused swing of Don’t Stop For Nothing. Everybody Clap leads off side B with a soulful and string-laden vocal over a bouncing hi-hat-focused house arrangement, and the EP closes out on the dubbier tip with the eponymous Panic In Fort Greene Park, a synthy and smooth slow burner. All around beautifully produced and eminently playable, Señor Maclean has made himself a most welcome addition to the Razor-N-Tape family with this dynamic EP.




Artist: Juan MacLean
Title: Panic In Ft. Greene Park EP
Label: Razor N Tape Reserve
Release Date: 2018-07-06


– jams
Jimbo James