Leading up to their b2b EDC Las Vegas 2019 performance, Nite alum and LA based artist Cabrillo teamed up with Minneapolis based duo Niles Shepard on a handful of tracks and after a couple months of waiting we finally have the first of their collaborations. ‘Goes Like This’ is their two track EP out 1/7/20 on LA imprint, Nite Records. The title track carries a thick latin house vibe with the B side track entitled, ‘The Roots’, rounding out the EP with an old school acid house vibe. The duo will follow up this release with another collaboration coming on San Diego based label, Late Night Jackin, on 1/20/20.

The Roots is out 1/7/20 on Nite Records!


Artist: Cabrillo & Niles Shepard
Title: Goes Like This
Label: Nite Records
Release Date: 2020-1-7




Turn it up & enjoy!