Los Angeles’ longest running weekday event, Monday Social, is bringing in a Miami legend, Oscar G, to Sound nightclub tonight.  The man behind MURK, this award-winning songwriter, producer, and DJ, Oscar is one of dance music’s brightest and most enduring stars. As part of seminal production teams Liberty City, Murk, and Funky Green Dogs, he boasts hits – Billboard chart-toppers as well as underground smashes – in every decade, every trend, and every market. “Some Lovin’,” “Fired Up,” and “Dark Beat” are more than just tracks: They are moments, shared by clubbers worldwide. They’re the kind of moments Oscar still creates at Space Miami, his hometown superclub, where he’s been a resident DJ for a staggering eight years – coming full circle after a globetrotting career.  We are ecstatic to see this legend make his way back to LA and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for his set.

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Check out this awesome new set from Oscar G