[Party] My absolute favorite way to experience music is a festival, and most notably a desert/jungle festival. The end of the Mayan world seems to be bringing about the most beautiful celebrations of life and Metamorphosis Festival is definitely THE one I would want to spend my last hours on earth at. Although Crosstown Rebels’ Day Zero has been stealing the spotlight as the Underground go to for the music fans, Metamorphosis Festival is not be overlooked. It’s the 3 day campout in the Jungle that has me hooked.


If you’ve never been to a desert or jungle or 3-10 day campout festival, you cannot understand until you’ve experienced it … but, the connections and bonds and experiences you go through in those days camping out versus a one day 24 hour party are immeasurable. It’s something, a feeling, an experience that only time and seclusion could induce. It’s something you cannot experience in a club or even in 24 hours. It’s something you never expect and always something so beautiful and almost always life-changing experiences.


“RhythmKeepers and friends invite you to join us IN HONOR and DEDICATION to our Great Mother EARTH and to the Lord PACAL Votan, Sage-King of the Classic Maya, we return to the Source of these prophetic times for an unprecedented Winter Solstice event. Journey with us to the sacred site of Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico, where we shall make a pilgrimage and an offering of all that we hold dear to our hearts, through the gathering, the ceremony, the music and the dance. May we awaken, activate, love and remember how to blend with the land and to celebrate life, as we take this opportunity to represent for each of our ancestors, having followed in their footsteps leading us to this point in time, during this Great Celestial Conjunction of 2012!


It is an amazing time to be alive! As our Earth Mother shifts and changes between the Ages and Dimensions, all of us as One are undergoing a grand transformation. We hope, wish, dream, pray and envision YOU there with us, as we all go through this METAMORPHOSIS between the worlds together! Come and bear witness to this great cycle of time coming to completion, and to fathom a transcendental experience beyond the Third Dimension with our amazing lineup of exquisite musical talent, our inspiring performers of the circus arts, our epic visual artists, healing artists/therapists, teachers, and much, much more under the Winter Solstice SUN!”


With a line-up including Dave Seaman, Soul Clap, Tanner Ross, Tennis, Voices Of Black, Dave Aju, Safeword, Louie Fresco, Kate Simko, Avatism, Adnan Sharif, Brian Bejarano, Ben Annand, Idee Project, Juan Jose Jaramillo, JG King, Terrakroma, and many more …. this festival is not to be missed!


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