[Party]  On April 28th, after several months of slamming HEAR parties during their winter hiatus, Harmonic returns to the sun-kissed rooftop at The Standard downtown for the third season back with their daytime series BASK. In the previous years, Harmonic has booked a healthy number of shows with multiple headliners to ensure a constant dose of forward-thinking sounds and performances all day long. This season opener will be no different, so look forward to a double-dipped dose of deejays, with French virtuoso SHONKY as well as San Francisco-based-but soon to be Berliners SAFEWORD – performing a hybrid dj/live set, with an extended opening set by local music purveyor JAKE PATRICK.

If for some reason, you’re in need of introductions, SHONKY has been a force in international dance music for about 8 years now, and is currently a co-curator in the Apollonia label (and group) comprised of Dyed Soundarom and Dan Ghenacia. Immersed in the Paris rave scene, Shonky’s musical influences drew from the west coast and Chicago house sound of the 90’s, and has always distinguished himself with a unique style of producing, remixing, and deejaying. His music has sonically groovy house dimensions infused with strong vocal representations and heavy hypnotic overtones. This unique sound has paved the way for a slew of releases and remixes on esteemed labels such as Mobilee, Crosstown Rebels, Contexterior, Spectral Sound, Safari Elecronique, Culprit, as well as home labels Apollonia & Freak n’ Chic. Not to mention his obvious skills as a deejay, which have landed him gigs at just about every reputable clubs in the world and residencies at DC-10 and Rex Club.

Co-headlining this bill will be very close cohorts of Harmonic – SAFEWORD, comprised of Clint Stewart and Marc Smith of San Francisco. Although both individuals have been long time staples of the SF music scene, their recent production collaboration and hybrid live/dj performance has quickly made an imprint on the techno scene with extremely well-received releases on Poker Flat, Mobilee, Dessous, Bad Animal, and Paso. The past few months have seen the two join Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream brand, opening a whole new can of worms for their career. The sonic foundation in their music is laid in thick, heavy drums, lush melodies and hypnotic atmospherics. Their hybrid set is a good testament to their tunes as well… a pulsating, cerebral campaign, track-by-track leaving indelible marks on its listeners. It’s the delicate interplay of pleasurable highs and dynamic lows that set this pair into their own realm of creation. This looks to be the duo’s last US tour before they set off to Berlin to join the Mobilee roster and focus their efforts internationally.

Opening duties for the the day will belong to Harmonic helmsman JAKE PATRICK, who is also a co-founder of the Music Savage collective, and is involved with projects DELINQUENT FREQUENCY, and soon-to-be-launched production, deejay, and live act ROCKERS TAKEOVER. Jake’s current and past residencies have included super clubs Avalon and Vanguard. His solo sets always get party-goers acclimated with subbed-out dubbed-out house tracks paired with deep synth vibes. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself on the dance floor earlier than you expected!!

Get some well-deserved rays by the pool, and some unlikely avoidable rug-cutting time on the dance floor. Hours of operation will run from 1pm-8pm, with discount admission available with RSVP before 2pm (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1O8iXzdLR9x4BNAJfOYDQ9iAuNau_ko38l0GneHwaN1M/viewform). This season promises to be as fruitful as the past two, with all types of esteemed performances to anticipate! Prepare to BASK with Harmonic on Sundays during the 2013 spring and summer seasons!