Akbal has long since been a favorite of Music is 4 Lovers and this latest release is no exception. Paronator & BOg deliver on the label again with their latest EP ‘Dive’. With a loaded 4 track EP, the release kicks off with the title track, a groovy happy uplifting beat that is sure to get you dancing. The remix offered up by Victor Stancov takes the track for a beautiful chilled out spin, toning down the dance vibe and transforming it to a smooth sexy sound. The next original ‘Keep Your Soul’ bounces back to that more lively dance house vibe but takes their sound for a spin on the darker side with rough grimy synths and eerier vibes, perfect for getting into the night. They offer up their own remix of ‘Keep Your Soul’ with the ‘Midnight Mix’ edition, taking out the more dance ready bassline and stripping own the track, they make it a more minimal seduction.



Artist: Paronator & BOg
Title: Dive
Label: Akbal Music
Release Date: November 4
Catalog: AKBAL082


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-Minxxx // Michelle Samtoy