[Release]  NOT SO UNDER brings with his debut EP on deep. force charged and timeless sound without compromises. The first title, which is also namesake of this EP, “Jewels & Diamonds”, is sonically more relevant than ever. He comes with a very crisp, shuffely beat and arouses curiosity to enjoy the track as whole. Paired with rich moog sounds and a vocal that just looking to hit the dance floor, this track moves every dance floor and spreads a unique Vibe, no matter what time it is. Track number 2 takes the world a little out of speed. With its well designed and lovingly used vocal it seems as if you are gently taken by the hand and carried off. With a unique sound, “Faces” brings warmth and a sense of timelessness to the whole EP, which takes us on a journey, far away from any effort. “Kids” is an instrumental untreated track, who’s mixing a pleasant of soft mood to each dj set. It comes with very fresh and warm synth-sounds, which are fully in line with the powerful rhythm. Kids is a homage to the life with his inimitable moments, that draw us into its spell day by day. The fourth title in the league is the remix of a very talented artist from  South America. The Brazilian artist Danke gives the title “Jewels & Diamonds” a very special note. Danke interpreted this track in its own way, with a full range of well balanced huge sounds over it. He gives him a deep touch, set him in scene with great attention to the detail and rounded up the whole ep with full harmony.


Artist:  Not So Under
Title: Diamonds
Label:  deep.
Catalog No.:  DP010

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