[Release] No Artificial Colours have made their stake and firmly marked their place in dance music. With a heavy, hard hitting sound that demands your attention, you know it’s going down when one of their tracks comes on. Their latest release, Cat and Mouse, on Feast Records,  is an awesome record from these two gentlemen and also features a great remix from Cera Alba.

The title track, in a signature No Artificial Colours style, is hard, dark, and malicious with a vicious bassline. ‘Chasing Cheese’ is another classic example of the sound that they have made their own — slamming percussion, thundering bass, and a wicked groove — these two can’t be stopped. Another artist known for their darker sound, Cera Alba, delivers with an engaging remix of ‘Cat and Mouse,’ which is sure to make speakers tremble.

A huge EP from Feast Records, their junior release is another quaking success and hopefully we don’t have to wait too long for their next one.


Artist:  No Artificial Colours
Title:  Cat and Mouse EP
Label:  Feast Records
Catalog No.:  FR003

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