Mixmaster extraordinaire and No. 19 Music label boss Johnny White brings the warm, sunny, vibes of the season to this exclusive 10 track Spring Sampler, including mostly original tracks from some of the best and brightest artists today. It is obvious that the Canadian imprint’s research in social experimentation has paid off, as the compilation retains a delicate balance of uplifting, coastal energy along with their characteristically dark and mystifying sound.


Tone of Arc’s “Comes Only Once” starts the album off right at a slower tempo, layering synth chimes among a rich, funky bassline as Derrick Boyd’s smooth voice ushers us into the depths of the chorus. His concluding duet with songstress Zoe Presnick infuses a passionate authenticity into the song, complimenting the strong percussion and cheerful tambourine.


Kicking up the tempo a bit, BLUD delivers a remix of Art Department’s “The Creep.”  BLUD definitely encompasses that reliably eerie quality of White and Glasgow’s collaborations, as a robotically modified voice echoes faintly, immersing the whole track underwater into an abyss.


Recent Lovecast aficionado Clayton Steele brings the heat with his deep and atmospheric track “Multiple Feelings.”  The consistency of the melodic percussion and minimally candid vocal sample allude to a hypnotic tonality that keeps you on your toes on and off the dance floor.


Slowin’ it down, Louie Fresco’s “White Sugar” Dub mix brings a spacey disco flavor to the album that will definitely set your hips in motion.  The sensually subtle contrasting vocals and funky bass line make for an addictive track, showcasing the multifaceted nature of No. 19 Music.


Ominous vocals, strong high hat variables and electric guitar riffs are only a few elements that comprise “Sounds to Resurrect,” truly embodying the eclecticism of Toronto trio My Favorite Robot. Following up, Teeloo’s “Xrays” shifts to a more carefree temperament, with harmonic features woven through blooming percussion and buzzing synths.


Nitin, Butter the Butcher, Jeremy Glenn and Todd Simmons collaborate to form Sync Mode, and “Room With a View” embraces the creative abundance of such varying musical perspectives. Stark disco elements run through the piece, among resonating drops and ghostly, yet beautiful, vocals — a fully immersive production.


Since his impeccable Night Swimming EP on No. 19 last July,  I have been eagerly awaiting another original from Cameo Culture, and “Losing Game” wholeheartedly delivers.  The simplistically sultry lyrics will have you humming along immediately, even as your head is spinning from the all-encompassing deep and Balearic bass line. This is the perfect song to swing into spring and is on repeat.


Wrapping up the sampler, Jakkin Rabbit brings in a heavy, 90s-influenced house sound in “Verge,” with a simple groove and humorous rhetoric from a man with an intriguingly alluring voice.   Jonathan Lee concludes the piece with “Mission Control,” taking us on a final voyage to outer space with a consistent atmospheric build that leaves us on a high note.


As usual, No. 19 Music is on a roll and putting out some amazing and diverse work from talented artists who are making waves on multiple fronts.  This Spring Sampler is stacked and is easily setting the tone for spring and summer.


Artist: Varios
Label: No. 19 Music
Catalog  No.: NO19034


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