Mind Against Atlant Berlin based, Italian born, Alessandro and Federico Fognini are not just brothers in arms but actual brothers who have been growing up together their whole lives. Which might help explain why these 2 recent arrivals on the scene have already established a sound much more mature than their years might suggest. It’s this intense maturity that they bring to this debut EP.

With a sonic depth acquired by many hours already logged in the studio and a sophisticated world view that comes across in the stories their music tells, Mind Against (as they are more formally known) make pictures with their sound and their pictures tell more than thousands of words could tell alone. On their Atlant EP they paint us a picture of lost civilizations and intergalactic missionaries. Trans-dimensional creatures that visit us in our dreams and in our visions, bringing us coded messages about the future from a place beyond time. Where everything can be reduced to vibrations and controlling sound waves is akin to controlling a physical reality. With a throbbing beat and epic melodies they build towers of steel and halls of philosopher’s stone. Places of thought and worship where futuristic sounds hold court with swinging percussive beats, telling us tales of how we can work together to overcome the challenges of our immediate circumstances and reunite the illusions of our separate selves once again into a whole being. A whole and complete universal consciousness with a deeper understanding of its true self.


Artist:  Mind Against
Title:  Atlant
Label:  Life And Death
Catalog No.:  LAD012