A few months ago, I received an email from a name I did not recognize regarding a party that did not exist yet. At first glance, such an email is not usually one that takes much priority, but I actually read through this one and came across tag words like “Clown & Sunset”, “Beach Club”, “Wolf + Lamb”, and the thing that hooked me, was that this email pitched the concept of spreading the Music is 4 Lovers name to his island country of Malta. His music taste seemed on point, and his description for the party he wanted to create was clear and right in line with the Mi4L vibe. So we talked some details, and before I knew it, I received an email presenting me with a recap of his first event at Surfside Beach Club in Malta. The unrecognized name from the email was Simon Sauter, and he’s taken it upon himself to bring the ideal day party experience to the shores of Malta.

Below is a video, shot and edited by Simon’s team, some pictures of the event and a play by play description of what was the soft launch of his party series called “A Little Crush” presented by Mi4L. Enjoy.

Wednesday the 5th of June marked the opening of a A Little Crush, a seaside Summer promotions on the sunny shores of Malta.  Situated in the Mediterranean just south of Sicily, Malta has become a hub for several big name events in the underground scene.  The Maltese love their parties and the Summer season is always a hectic one, with loads of parties going on weekly.

A Little Crush is being organized by a small group of music lovers, who follow Mi4L avidly and appreciate its style and philosophy.  The chosen venue, Surfside beachclub.  A beautiful seaside hangout that’s quickly becoming a regular among promoters organizing avant-garde events due to its location down by the sea.  Beach club by day and general hang-out by night, this place is perfect for the style and music A Little Crush is going for.

The venue was rearranged specifically for Wednesday evening with the organisers bringing out the cocktail bar, creating a small dancefloor and chillout area and some small seating a bit removed from the main area.

The wind forecast for that week was not at all favorable, but luckily it seemed to die down on Wednesday right in time for the party.  People started arriving around 6ish having hurried home from work to get there early and take advantage of the offers at the cocktail bar.  Local favorite and warm-up lover, Simon Sauter, kicked the evening off with a 3 hour set. Keeping things super slow and sexy, he built up the dancefloor for local favorite Nicky Slim to take over.  The mood was great from early on with everyone there seemingly really up for the event.

One of the highlights of the warm up set was “Just A New Day” by 6th Borough Project.  It went over well and seemed to take things up a notch and really get people moving.

By the time Nicky Slim was done setting up, the dancefloor had filled up and everyone was having a good time and enjoying the music. Nicky Slim kept the dancefloor buzzing for a solid two hours thereafter.  With the fire poi girls in the chillout area, the view from the dancefloor to the track of Rampa – So Many was something special and probably the highlight of the night.

The night was a success, with the organizers receiving great feedback until days after.  A Little Crush was set up with the intention of emulating the Mi4L vibe in Malta by organizing fun, quality events such as the last and spreading the love for deep, sexy underground music.  Starting off with selected local talent, they will be building up to a couple of larger Summer events hosting some well established names.



So begins “A Little Crush” in Malta and the spread of the Music is 4 Lovers brand into a place that seems to fit the name perfectly. If you enjoyed this story and would like to support Simon and his burgeoning young party, please follow “A Little Crush” on Facebook HERE.

Opening party for “A Little Crush” will be July 3rd. Stay tuned for details.


-Slow aka Jon Dadon