Soulfooled welcomes the new year and kicks off with Mario Aureo’s ‘EVERYBODY EP’. The Hannover-born boy who’s meanwhile running the in-house record label of Berlin’s famous Ritter Butzke club delivers two sweeping tunes called ‘Everybody Lives The Same Life’ and ‘Bring It Here’. In terms of remix duties, they have an old acquaintance on board, Daniel Solar, you might know him for his track called ‘Oversoap’ released on our latest Soulfooled Cribs compilation. The other part is taken on by Switzerland’s House pioneer DJ Le Roi who releases on labels like Get Physical, Noir Music and many more. A super EP with loads of groove, we can’t get enough of Mario Aureo.


Artist:  Mario Aureo
Title:  Everybody EP
Label:  Soulfooled
Catalog No.:  SFLDD006