[Mixtape]  The only thing consistent in this life is change; a constant cycle of adaptation and rearrangements. The power to dictate how those changes affect your life is in your hands and in your heart. Undying hard work on whatever it is you love to do, a spirit of optimism, and always surrounding yourself with positive friends and goosebumpilicious music is key to alleviate the stressors of change. Those principles run deep in San Diego DJ and desert party enthusiast, Marbs. As a resident sexecutive DJ for Lovelife and papa bear of the Jungle crew, Marbs is continually on the cutting edge of deep house and techno music. Inspired by Burning Man, this playa connoisseur, along with his band of desert dancing junkies, host a slew of underground open air gatherings; including their latest endeavor, Desert Hearts. Marbs offers this deep, dark, and spacey end of the world mix for us to evaporate away to; packed with tribal moonlight vibes and some good ol’ face-down-ass-up booty jams!! Whether you believe our planet is on the verge of total destruction, or if its all just a load of *cough cough* horseshit, its a good time for personal reflection and to ask yourself those dauntingly vital “what if” questions, like “What if Marbs was my baby’s daddy?”

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A Change is Gonna Come…

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– Jams