As followers of the deep, niche genre of electronic music know, there are many factors of a party that contribute to that magical vibe we all search for; other than the artist and sound system, the setting itself stands as a crucial element, distinguishing between a profane and extraordinary party experience.

Musical devotee Eduardo Castillo understands this notion.  Animating Downtown Los Angeles through his sophisticated musical endeavors,  he showcases a genuine passion for providing quality talent and the spaces to house them for the underground seekers of the south.  Pattern Bar, his elegant craft cocktail lounge, has become an essential spot for local and international talent alike, its intimacy posing as the perfect evening destination and after party spot for Culprit’s Standard Sessions, Crosstown Rebels’ Get Lost Events and more. This summer marked the beginning of Castillo’s beautiful free party series at Grand Park, opening up a deep and eclectic sound in an open air, family friendly environment featuring wonderful artists such as Wolf + Lamb’s Baby Prince, LA favorites Droog, NU, and a Scissor & Thread showcase with Bob Moses, Francis Harris and Gry.

(Eduardo moving the crowd at the final Grand Park Sunday Session of the Summer)

His first and (possibly) most influential Los Angeles venture came with his groundbreaking VOODOO parties, providing authentically underground events held in intimate loft spaces, upholding a sense of community, respect and musical intention.  In an interview with this summer, Castillo explained:

“I created VOODOO so that I may have a place to play however I’d see fit, to provide a safe haven for other artists to do the same and for supporters to feel protected and cared for. Having the proper tools for musical expression is a priority for me and having my own space to build these tools became a necessity.”

Nearing its fourth year anniversary this December, Castillo decided to expand his VOODOO grasp, opening up a new venue in its honor named VOODOO XL which promises the same caliber of musical excellence and commitment to a wholesome community driven energy that devoted followers believe in.

This Saturday marks the debut of this new venue, hosting a 12 hour talented line up of local heroes such as Eduardo Castillo himself and Music is 4 Lovers very own SAND as well as headlining German musical maestro Henrik Schwarz whose selections are sure to be impeccably mystifying.  Other than the music itself, the environment will be enhanced by delicious food and craft cocktails that will keep you on your feet from 2:00pm-2:00am!

“A territory can be made ours only by creating it anew, that is, by consecrating it.” Wise words from famed religious theorist Mircea Eliade whose work on sacred space and time stands influential decades after its distribution, and this Saturday marks the consecration, transformation and elevation of Castillo’s influential VOODOO venture.

We cannot wait to witness the rejuvenated journey of such a promising collective experience and hope to see you there <3

Visit the event page HERE for more information, and purchase tickets HERE!