There’s a label making waves with the new year and with it’s eighth release, it is proving as one to love for 2014. Dilate Records, headed by Evans and based out of the UK, is fresh on our radar with it’s latest from Lorenzo Dada. LA based, Lorenzo is the owner of Sonora Records and was recently included on Culprit’s Above The City 3 compilation. With a background in classical, jazz, and house, he blends his influences to create a smooth sexy track with 00.8. A solid high hat captivates and rides throughout over the entrancing enticing synths.

The release features two remixes. The first from jozif instantly amps up the energy of the track with toned down highs, more booty shaking bass, and a seriously groovy beat. Especially with the way the track comes back to hit around 5 minutes, it takes it from the original smooth listen to a sexy dance floor go to. The second remix from System of Survival instantly lures with tribal beat drums. With a faster pace, more prominent kick drum and bold heavier vibe, they take it down a darker side.

Great work from all artists involved, although my pick of the release would have to be the jozif remix. Definitely going to be keeping a closer eye on Dilate for future releases.


Artist: Lorenzo Dada / jozif, System of Survival
Title: 00.8
Label: Dilate Records
Release Date: February 10
Catalog: DR008

– Minxxx // Michelle Samtoy