WOW!!!  It’s wild to think that is has been 10 years since LOPAZZ has been releasing tracks on Get Physical! From iconic releases like ‘Migracion’ to his latest effort ‘U & I’ together with Betoko, and all the amazing mastering in between, LOPAZZ has taken us for a beautiful ride. Now we revisit one of those old favorites, ‘Share My Rhythm’ re-edited for 2013 and doubled up with a Daniel Bortz Remix. The ‘2013 Edit’ brings the full vibe of the original, varying only slightly in composition. Produced entirely on analogue machines, using zero computer support, LOPAZZ and his “Bad Cop Bad Cop” partner in crime, Alex Cortex, manage to pump out the perfect After-Hour or warm up track. The Daniel Bortz remix is another deep-house tune with that signature Bortz spirit, stripped down to the maximum deepness… It sets a dark mood across the floor while providing enough energy to push you deep into the night.


Artist:  LOPAZZ
Title:  Share My  Rhythm
Label:  Get Physical Music
Catalog No.:  GPM233

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