‘I Used to Sleep at Night’ – Our Berlin based label’s philosophy is to focus on the two dominant energies in our universe: Violence and Sex. We provide a home for the drugged out late night gems, edgy creations that drip with the essence of late night frantic passion. We will bring to focus some artists you will know and some you won’t, as we take you to dark places, before unleashing sonic penetration That’s whats up. The first release comes from Lee Webster (Hot Waves, Local Talk) with his ‘That’s What’s Up EP’: a cheeky three-track EP showcasing his instantly recognizable style; Edgy with sexual overtones (this has become his trademark). The tracks will hypnotize you at home, but in a club you will witness the full depth of the bass in these creations. Whether its the rumbling dark dub techno bass on ‘Big Bad City’ or the drugged-out stuttering vocal lines on ‘Give You More’ or the Hip hop sampling on ‘Skillz’ we are sure your going to love these little gems as much as we do With Love.


Artist:  Lee Webster
Title:  That’s What’s Up EP
Label:  I Used To Sleep At Night
Catalog No.:  ZZZZ001