Listen to Warmth by JUUKU here!

Fresh off 22 releases in 2020 and releasing his debut EP, Warmth, released by Moving Castle Music, in March of this year. The young producer has earned support from multiple stations such as MrSuicideSheep, bitbird, Trap Nation, Proximity, Diplo and Friends, and many more. Juuku has been known as the anonymous producer but with this release, his name is sure to become a favorite. With a seven-song track EP, Juuku definitely delivered more than was expected.

The seven-song EP, featuring “Just Lost”, that released as a single ft. Manila Killa, is surely the stand-out track that features a bouncy drop that is sure to have Juuku and Manila fans dancing to the beat! The rest of the EP allows Juuku to show off the skills he has as a producer while being able to mix different beats and melodic sounds at the same time, giving the album a sense of warmth. 

As said by Juuku, “this ep represents me searching for warmth in this cold world. it is a journey of self-reflection- exploring my tragic and joyful experience to piece together my identity”. He has accomplished just that, with the tunes exploding with sounds unique making it enjoyable for both fans and non-fans of Juuku.

Juuku has definitely expanded his boundaries and is sure to become a major name in the music scene!

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