[Release]  Justin Jay has taken the whole dance world by storm, since his inception into the scene, this youngster has created some prime tunes for us to shake our booties to.  Still very new to the scene, he has already moved us with his stellar productions.  As with every artist, you can see the evolution of ones production and oh how well he has grown.  His latest work, Everything EP, on Southern Fried Records, is a prime example of the greatness that is to come from this young talent.  Two gorgeous originals accompanied by remixes from Frogs In Socks and Jack Fell Down, make this EP one for the books.  A pure heater from beginning to end, this is one release you will not be able to put down.

The title track is a sublime blend of deep and atmospheric grooves that leave you floating on the dance floor.  The same goes with ‘Into The Night’ which also grasps you with clanking bells and its enormous bass line.  Frogs In Socks deliver with a chopped remix that sends you all over the place, on the dance floor and in your mind.  Jack Fell Down’s versions of ‘Into The Night’ are both amazing as they are danceable.  Smooth grooves with wicked bass lines, this man sure knows how to make a remix.

A stunner of an EP, Justin Jay proves once again he has what it takes and lives up to all the hype with this incredible release.  The future looks big and bright for this rising star and expect to be hearing lots more from him in the coming years.


Artist:  Justin Jay
Title:  Everything EP
Label:  Southern Fried Records
Catalog No.:  ECB356

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