Riff Raff consistently releases amazing, vibrant house music and this J Diesel and Silky release is no exception. It’s clear the label bosses, Spacebyrdz and Dance Spirit, have a great ear for good sounds.

The last track on the EP “English Please,” is fantastic. It doesn’t rely on a sharp, punchy bass for its energy. Instead, sweeping elements and layered details build an impressive enveloping audioscape to lift vibrations. I die for dark, creepy tracks like this that leave you no choice but to feel elated as the breakdown is swept back up by the bassline.

Let me preface the review of the first track, “Ol Dirty,” with the fact that the “plonk-plonk” bassline of yester-summer has been driving me a bit nuts recently (sure, it sounds and feels absolutely amazing on those funktion 1 bass bins, but I’m looking to derive pleasure a bit more intrinsically from the music). Perhaps this is only a matter of taste. That being said, the production on the track is clean and the sound is driving, energetic and will sound great on the dance floor.

Silky’s remix of “Ol Dirty,” is a devilish version of the original, marked by an arpeggiated bass – definitely designed with 4 am darkness in mind.

Overall, this is a sexy, high vibration release from J Diesel, Silky and the talented Riff Raff crew. Make sure to Purchase this killer release HERE.


Artist: J Diesel and Silky
Label: Riff Raff
Catalog No.: RIFFRAFF013