[New Release] Culprit label bosses Andrei Osyka, Brett Griffin and Justin Sloe have once again teamed up with UK producer Inxec for a two track EP on Last Night On Earth. The label has been gaining prestige recently, with releases from artists like Ejeca and Marc Poppcke.

The new Inxec Vs Droog EP, titled Wide Open, is out today and its unique and novel sound is sure to resonate throughout the dance world.

Wide Open is a story-lover’s work. The title track is long and multifaceted, its sound traveling cyclically rather than linearly and trails off softly in its conclusion. “Wide Open” is melodious and reminiscent of a desert trip, gone good and energetic.

The second track, “Mountain Drop,” retains the layered complexity of the first but departs in an entirely different direction. Darker and more progressive, a diverse range of synths – edgy and dramatic to hollow and ambient – drive the storyline. An understated, albeit roaring, bass provides a cohesive theme for the otherwise beautifully free sound of the rest of the composition. The break and beyond is All Day I Dream worthy, leaving you lost and gyrating to such a wonderfully thought out, although seemingly erratic, symphony of synths.

Make sure you keep an eye out for this one next week, because it is a beautiful tale for sunrise, sunset, and everything in between.