Inxec & Droog have been tearing it up lately, with a string of releases across the board; the boys seem to know exactly what they’re doing. ‘Second To None’ is no exception – expect the 2 track EP to make its way to a dance floor near you very soon. The title track is full of groove. Deep bass, beautiful chords and an itchy percussion line make the track a solid number for every dance floor. It takes us deep into the night and spits us out on the other side while we wonder exactly how we got here. ‘Body To Body’ relies heavily on the soulful vocals of Dina Moursi to achieve a sexy sweetness. Keeping in line with the title track, this one has its share of deep energy, begging for a late night debut.


Artist:  Inxec & Droog
Title:  Second To None
Label:  Get Physical Music
Catalog No.:  GPM246