Jenner, also known a The Dark Princess, is surely a force not to be reckoned with. Her sets are oozing in energy and her aura ripples across the dance floor. Inspired by the eccentric nightlife in Berlin, Jenner began her love affair for underground electronic music. Though, she only began honing her skills as a DJ in 2008, she has played throughout Toronto, spinning at CODA, Bespoke Experience and Promise Cherry Beach. This year, she will be bringing her brooding baselines, hypnotic melodies and ethereal backdrops to Camp Summerdaze 2019.  Moved by her deep and dark sets, we asked Jenner on her style of music and her thoughts on performing at Camp Summerdaze this June. Here’s what she had to say…

Your music can be described as progressive, deep house, that is sometimes downtempo bu usually very dramatic. How would you describe your music is when you first started DJing and what sort of trial and errors did you go through to find your current niche? 

I love that electronic music is constantly evolving. When I first started DJing, I played tech and progressive because I was drawn to it and it was available. But I was still constantly searching for ‘my sound’. I’m not sure I would call it ‘trial and errors.’ In my opinion, there are no errors in art… just opportunities to grow in different directions. It is only within the last two years that I have started playing and producing a sound that evokes a deeper connection that the listeners are really gravitating towards.

The sets you play encompass carefully selected tracks that embody earthy percussions and euphoric synths. What is the track selection process like for you when putting a set together?

The process can take days, weeks or hours. I am constantly searching for new music and listening to track samples. After downloading the tracks, I listen several times and organize in key and energy and make notes. Tracks are selected based on the gig, time and how much they make me want to dance. It’s a primitive, instinctive feeling.You have played at many festivals that encompass good vibes among its patrons, such as Harvest Festival, Vujaday Music Festival and the Mayan Warrior at Burning Man. Upon your return to Camp Summerdaze this year, how would you describe the atmosphere among the patrons there and what keeps you coming back to this boutique festival?

The Summerdaze/Bespoke Experience events are so special. The amount of heart that goes into their production is next level. Every time we think we know what to expect, they keep upping their game! There’s no little detail that is not paid attention to, and that is very much reflected year after year at Camp Summerdaze.

I wish I could put into words how beautiful the weekend is, but I would say you have to experience it to understand. It is a playground for your inner child. A place to explore, dance, and surrender to nature.” – Jenner

Why do you think you gravitate to this contrasting style of music as an artist?

I was mesmerized from the moment I first heard underground electronic music in Berlin. Music has always played an important part in my life but this was different. I was beyond excited to hear it for the first time and it continues to give me that feeling today. This music speaks to my soul, I had no choice.

2018 was an eventful year for you both in and outside of Toronto. What are you looking forward to most this festival season and are there any new projects in the works?

I enjoy festivals as I am able to see my favourite artists but I specifically look forward to the opportunity of seeing new and up coming artists, which is always so exciting. I am particularly thrilled for the line-up at Camp Summerdaze this year and I always look forward to returning to Burning Man. In the last few months I have been focusing more on production. I have been collaborating with DJ/Producer Nada on a few tracks and we are expecting to release it sometime this summer!

Camp Summerdaze is just around the corner. If you want to attend, you can get tickets here and RSVP to their Facebook event!

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