AIWASKA’s sounds is as elusive and mystical as the man himself. Luckily we managed to find some time to chat with him about his influences behind this new project, what he hopes to achieve and where he plans on taking it next.

How are you, how has 2019 been?

It was a great year to start. This year I have released 10 tracks that have received good support from world famous musicians. Special thanks to Damian Lazarus for supporting my project. Also this year I had gigs at major festivals and even played my first set at Burning man. I am happy with this start.

You have 20 years in the game but have this new mysterious alias – why is that?

I started this project as a new stage in my career, I have accumulated a lot of musical ideas, but more important is that conceptually this project is not only about music but also about helping the planet (Ecology and trees). And for me it was right to launch it as a new project and not focus on my pretty face, but focus on the concept.

What inspires the new project musically? How different is it to what you have done before?

Nature and mysticism inspired me for all this. And the ideology of the project itself is constantly moving me forward. I practice meditation and various practices for developing myself, not only physically but also higher, so a lot of ideas come by themselves. Yes, this project is fundamentally different from what I did, in my other project I make more songs with elements of pop electronics and a rock mood, this is a completely different sound. In general, I am a music lover and like to be inspired by different styles of music, from classical to crazy electronics.

What gear do you use in the studio, and does that matter? Does that effect your sound?

I collect the whole idea of the track in Ableton, but I do the mixing and mastering in the analog studio. I like to use analog synthesisers, modular racks & live guitars. Most of my tracks I collaborate with vocalists and sometimes I use organic, living sounds of nature; birdsong, water, wind. Once I took the sound of a hissing rattlesnake and made that part of the rhythm of the track.

What is your sound, your style, what are you trying to say, what mood are you conveying?

This is melodic music with elements of organic sounds, which is based on classical techno, and of course this is a trippy experience.

What has been the best moment, memory or set of the year for you?

For sure playing Burning Man this year.

Tell us about your new EP for NCTRNL Records. What inspired it? Where was it written?

I was inspired by the desert of Burning Man for this release, I walked through it, sampled different sounds and then used them in tracks.

What else have you got coming up?

I’m working a lot on new tracks and preparing full live show.
Some important releases are scheduled for 2020 – Crosstown Rebels & Exploited Records are the main once. Also some strong remixes i did for Sharam Jey and Veronika Fleyta.

What targets, goals, hopes and dreams do you have for 2020?

In collaboration with UK Charity Company we launch series of event with idea of Saving the planet and our nature. Follow our hashtag for more updates #aiwaskasavetheplanet

Download his latest EP on NCTRNL over at Beatport