Toolroom has been on their regularly scheduled programming and doing what they do best, dropping hits all year round! Illyus & Barrientos are back to the label, who are ready to shake up 2022 with “Sublime”; a driving bass line heavy record that’ll whip the dance floor into shape. Self-assured with enough energy to keep you movin’ all night long,

Illyus & Barrientos go back to the sound that made them the artists they are today and with it, certainly have the club at the tip of their fingers. Toolroom favorites & Glaswegian natives, Illyus & Barrientos have been long time members of the #ToolroomFamily, having released huge hits with the label from 2018’s smash hit – ‘So Serious’ to ‘Promise’ & ‘Disco Hearts’, if there is one thing Illyus & Barrientos know how to do, it’s write an absolute heater!

Aside from this, the duo has a prolific discography of records spanning Ultra, Armada Music, Club Sweat & more. Going back to their latest release on the label, “Sublime” exudes everything you want from an Illyus & Barrientos record, solid production, thumping groove and a ground shaking deep bass line with an attitude to match.

Sublime” is out now!