Here comes a first release on My Favorite Robot from hotly tipped Italian duo Hunter_Game, complete with remixes from acclaimed producer Petar Dundov and German Christian Prommer. Hunter_Game have had a great spirt of first releases in the last year or so, with a debut EP on Solomon’s Diynamic and two follow-ups on none other than Sasha’s label, Last Night on Earth. Their sound is a spacious, synth-rich one that speaks to the head as much as heel. The first cut here, ‘Distant Storms’, is a journey cut with grand intentions. A bed of drums sets the engaging pace but what goes on above is what stands this track out – an open sky of rippling synth patterns extends in all directions, some gurgle down low, some cut through the sky like a diamond tipped laser, but the cumulative effect is one of high drama.

Munich’s Christian Prommer – Music Autonomica boss and Studio !K7 producer – tackles the remix with a much deeper perspective, Here the groove is low slung and coated in warm dub vibes. Rather than flying you off into the cosmos it wallows beautifully in minor synth chords and an ever more hypnotic groove. Hunter_Game then offer “Keep the Other Things Out’ which again showcases their great synth skills – which are also perfectly befitting the My Favorite Robot label – and an aptitude for making music that is cinematic and expansive as well as dance floor suited and physical.

Croatia’s Petar Dundov is a famous analogue gear nut and is often found on Belgium’s celebrated Man Make Music label. Here he gets down and dirty with his machines again, teasing out plenty of gurgling lines and tons of tension from his pads. It’s an engaging and dramatic journey, for sure. Finally, ‘This Moment’ sees Hunter_Game pair down their beats to raw and mechanical things before allowing their machines to run riot once more. There is plenty of pain and industrialism in the tones on offer and they all add up to yet another fine EP or genuinely artistry from this fast rising duo. As ever, My Favorite Robot has its fingers firmly on the pulse of now.


Artist:  Hunter_Game
Title:  Distant Storms EP
Label:  My Favorite Robot Records
Catalog No.:  MFR089