Lost Records have drafted in Hector Couto to helm the label’s sophomore release. Straight off the bat Hector kicks off the EP with the title track “I Believe”, a hypnotic and infectious number armed to the teeth with precise hi-hats and brooding basslines. “I Believe” cements Hector Couto’s production to an ever evolving sound while setting the stage perfectly for the follow up track “Knight Riders”. Built on similar foundations to “I Believe”, “Knight Riders” introduces a rich soundscape, playing deep and shadowy attributes against a field of succinct vocals and lead synth lines. Closing the EP we have remix heavyweights Waifs & Strays, 2013 being a blistering year for the production duo so far, seeing them feature on a plethora of releases. The remix ticks the boxes on what is becoming a key set of signature attributes that make up the duo’s sound, welding key features of the original and pinning them into a heavier groove whilst playing off atmospheric build ups and break downs.


Artist:  Hector Couto
Title:  I Believe EP
Label:  Lost Records
Catalog No.:  LRoo2

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