San Diego staple Siesta Records knows good house music. They’ve been around since the mid-1990s and have cultivated and nourished the Southern California underground. Siesta’s latest release by Hector and featuring Guti, Fosky and a remix by Joeski, is no exception to their excellent track record.

Born in the You Essay’s title track is an exceptionally dark yet accessible work, with plummeting bass drive and psychedelic cascading elements. The Joeski remix isn’t necessarily “lighter,” but Joeski focuses on sharping the kicks and paring down the atmosphere.

The last track on the EP, “Chicano,” is a straight house track with lovely and complex melodic elements running behind the soft bass. Chatter is splattered throughout the background – something I absolutely die for in tracks – with a perfect theme of diversity and community organizing across ethnicities. The most special part of this track is no doubt the sweet, dreamy melody which is clever woven together with punctuated piano and synth snippets.


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Artist: Hector
Label: Siesta
Catalog No.: SR06


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