Mexico-based dialtone records has been releasing music since 2005, making it one of the most cutting edge labels in the region. The label boasts a diverse (and talented) international roster, now adding Tunisian-born Haze-M to the family. No One Like You features remixes from Las Vegas’s Spacebyrdz & Justin Baulé, Brazil’s TouchTalk and Mexico’s Alex Galvan.

The title track is sweet, yet bass-heavy, with soul-inspired vocals and a super catchy riff. The second track on the EP, “Unknown Pleasure,” is energized and dreamy, with uplifting vocals and jazzy piano work. Each remixer takes a very different spin on the track – TouchTalk goes nu-deep with a heavier, choppier bass, Spaceybrdz & Justin Baulé add their always awesome techy touch, and Alex Galvan softens the edges with a ultra-deep cut.

A really nice release from dialtone, especially in its diverse soundscape, this is a great addition to Haze-M’s and the label’s discography.


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Artist: Haze-M
Release: No One Like You
Label: Dialtone
Catalog No.: DT083