Left’d stands as Leftroom’s sister label, breaking ground for new talent in an industry where so many artists remain unnoticed.  With their 12th release “Half Way There,” the imprint brings us 10 deep summer tunes from a variety of well known and up and coming producers.

Andrea Giudice introduces the compilation on a smooth, melodic note with “Rider” before Edu Yattah takes us on holiday with fourth track “Still Inda Sky,” an instrumental dreamy and atmospheric gem.  Hugo Barritt marks the halfway point with “Comfort Zone” in true tropical fashion.  This balearic number will have you day dreaming of sandy shores and clear blue skies before continuing through “The Dopeness,”  as Jimmy Maheras brings depth with a spacey tech-driven flare.

The ten track release concludes with Signal Flow’s stunner-and my personal favorite- “Snow White,”  embracing soft organic elements with assertive percussion and a hauntingly beautiful vocal presence.


Check it out and purchase HERE