20 Years and not just going strong but…UNSHAKABLE Green Velvet is both legendary and current. Reach back with him and you will find La La Land…Shake and Pop…Flash. Listen today and you will hear Lazer Beams, Millie Vanillie,  snf Bigger Than Prince. With this new album your tomorrows will be filled with new beats…Robots…Stronger…Dance To My Beat. Green Velvet clearly wants to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to his fans, to those who discovered his sound 20 years ago with his first release “Preacher Man” and never left, and to those who walked into the club, dropped by the festival tent, last week and found one of their new favorite artist.  He wants to say thank you for being unshakable, for staying true to the genre of techno, and exploring with him the many sides of the sound. He wants to thank you for not just following him and his journey but helping him grow…helping him introduce you to artist like Boo Williams, Paul Johnson, DJ Sneak, Gene Farris, Nicky Romero and Harvard Bass to name a few.

Most of the beats you hear on this album may be new but the innovation, the richness of the sound, and the collaborations are all a part of his trademark. Part of what makes Green Velvet who he is and who he will always be. The green mohawk and sunglasses may be what you see when he stands in front of you, but close your eyes and his sound is even more distinctive than his look…he is recognizable by the way he makes you feel. Chicago is his home, where he began, but the world stage is where he lives…because that is where you are. Whether you are in Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North or South America. Green Velvet is just as at home there because you welcome him with open arms, jamming with him day or night. On this album, he will introduce you, yet again, to new sounds and new artist. Three of the new artist competed in a world wide contest for a spot on this release and he is so proud to bring them and their sound to you…He brings to you: Saso Recyd of Bitola Macedonia, BOOOOX (Maxime Boiron)…born in France and now living in Vietnam, and Zcarab (Thomas Hughes) of Winter Park, FL. In this journey of life, Green Velvet wants you to stay strong…find your own beat…never let negative people or situations dampen your spirit…be positive about who you are and your gifts…know that love conquers all!!! With all the moving and shaking in the industry and life…Green Velvet through the strength of God still remains…UNSHAKABLE!!!!!!!


Artist:  Green Velvet
Title:  Unshakable
Label:  Relief Records
Catalog No.:  RR2062

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